name: shylo
age: 16
personality: enfj/esfj
fav drink: orange cinnamon tea
she/it + ♌ + ND
im shy and i absolutely love girls ⚢
have a lovely evening!

a book and comics fanatic. im currently a junior in highschool and a dog grooming assistant. im a soft futch lesbian who loves animals - and thats really all there is to me.

my dream is to work with animals, currently im working as a grooming assistant and have plans to study as a vet assistant after graduation. i love to read - given its mostly fantasy, supernatural, romance or history books. comics are also a huge interest of mine, please talk to me about them anytime! my special interests are comics, naruto and kpop.

leia organa star wars
jean grey xmen
natasha romanoff marvel
kate kane batman
harley quinn dc
daenerys game of thrones
gwen stacy spiderman
dinah lance dc
illyana rasputin xmen
sue storm fantastic four
alexstrasza world of warcraft
star guardian jinx lol
valeera world of warcraft
terra teen titans
historia snk